9086K-C-1 9086K-C-2 Stromberg342

Banjo fitting spacer with rod clearance

$37.00 (Incl. GST)
  • Spaces banjo out one inch from fuel inlet for lever clearance
  • Adds clearance for 6x2 progressive linkage
  • Proven Stromberg superseat seal into S-jet
  • Fits single and double banjos
  • Media polished stainless steel

Enables the use of Stromberg banjos with your 6x2 progressive linkage - fit one 9086K-C to each center carb to provide clearance for the forward-facing sliding rod. 

On a Stromberg 6×2 progressive linkage, the sliding rods on each bank must pull the front carbs open. Progressives need spacers with banjos. But the rod would hit the spacer. Not any more! 9086K-C simply provides clearance for that sliding rod to clear. 

Banjo fittings on a 6x2 means just two fuel lines to the back of the engine for a cleaner look. Please note: The pictures are for illustration purposes only. Banjos are available separately.

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