9510A-big-p-chr Stromberg27

Carb Genuine Stromberg Big 97 Primary Chrome

$1,081.00 (Incl. GST)

The BIG97 Primary features 250cfm airflow with significantly improved fuel circuits, and ported vacuum capability for your modern aftermarket distributor. It can be used on its own, in multiples (with direct or progressive linkage) or as part of the BIG97 Tri-Power. 

Regular BIG97 models come equipped with the standard 97 choke lever, which features a ball-fitting designed to fit the early Ford solid rod choke. If your car uses a cable type choke, order the 9510A-BIG-C model with the original Stromberg cable choke lever and bracket, as originally used on special aftermarket 97s made for 1949-53 Ford models. 

Please note: You can use the cable choke option on the centre carburetor of a 3x2 set, but tight carb spacing usually means that the bracket for the cable outer is best mounted on the rear carburetor and the cable brought forward to the center carburetor. The system works best with an early Ford style wire choke, which pushes and pulls from the dashboard control. If you use a more flexible cable, you may also need a choke return spring. 

Remember, like any carburetor, BIG97s need proper installation and tuning for optimum performance. Every BIG97 comes with full installation instructions and you can find more help on our Tech Center. 

NOTE: Original hand throttle parts are not included. 

NOTE: These carburetors are not designed to meet any emission requirements for 1968 and later applications. Therefore, they should be used only for competition/off road vehicles or vehicles not required to comply with late model exhaust emission standards.

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