offenhauser-regular-dual-49-53 910973_L484

Regular Dual 49-53 Inlet Manifold

$685.00 (Incl. GST)

Said to be its most popular flathead intake, Offenhauser’s 2x2 Regular intake has closely spaced carbs. The Offy regular dual intake accepts two 3-bolt carbs. Great addition to a street oriented engine. Has 4-3/4" carb centers.

The generator may not fit into the stock location due to the clearance issue with the carburetor.  The generator can be relocated to the passenger side using bracket # 325-1146. If using a GM alternator, use our chrome 916-67909 or plain 916-67910 bracket.

- Carb Centers:  4-3/4"
- Carb pads are angled as they were on stock 49-53 intakes
- Front drivers side accessory hole is for draft tube and measures 1.25"
- Rear drivers side accessory hole is for oil fill tube and measures 1.375"

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